A New Software Era

Sovereignty & Integrity in Software edition:

FinTech, e-Government, Smart Cities, Defense industries, Commodities, Telcos… now can benefit “combat proven” disruptive technology to get the efficient secured specific complex software they need!

Soft 100% yours

Full compliance with customer needs
No functional and technical limitations nor dependencies, full open source
100% business features requirement coverage
Complex Software need less servers infrastructure to be operated efficiently

Bug free

Ultimate source code quality
Pure Source Code full warranty without bugs and failures, avoids the costly un-predictive corrective maintenance

Native security

Autoimmune cybersecurity (100% source code purity)
Analysis and compliance tools

Our assets

Velocity, efficiency, Security & Reliability

Having the source code consistent ensures great software quality and avoids producing technical debt during evolutions. SOFTREIGN meets the needs for many kinds of users and allows them all to have a great time to market. SOFTREIGN provides an Evolution maintenance, following customers extra needs changes in the application, at the same standard of efficiency.

Performance & Security

Performance and efficiency also make long-term savings.

SOFTREIGN applications are Green IT compliant. Responsiveness and resource management will help both define and abide by Corporate Social Responsibility policies. Consistently produced source code enforces security.

Software engineering best practices and adhesion to standards ensure reliable, robust and structured source code.


SOFTREIGN ensures ROI and fast time to market through software quality and effectiveness. All of this combined allow to reduce TCO dramatically while keeping full control…

Sustainability & Integration

SOFTREIGN respects standards client-side (accessibility, older browsers, uncommon terminals) and server-side (OS and database compatibility).

SOFTREIGN produced source code uses no proprietary software, library or runtime, which make deployment easier too.

SOFTREIGN applications can be used with any standards-compliant middleware or the usual market tools, without more proprietary technology.

Generic = 100% Specific

SOFTREIGN produces innovative applications with the latest technological advances. SOFTREIGN offers off-the-shelf generic core software but delivers 100% specific software to its customers…

SOFTREIGN applications provide fully-customizable BI tools.

Our goal

Your Software freedom

SOFTREIGN gives you full control on your software: You chose the coding langage, and you can change your mind without constraint. You receive a open source code without dependency, that covers 100% of your functional requirements.

Functional Freedom

SOFTREIGN integration process allows us to design the solution that matches the functional ideal, without limits or constraints.

Organizational & Technical Freedom

SOFTREIGN offers flexibility and responsiveness: each change is easy and fast. We transform the specifications directly into finished software without technical limits or constraints. Agility is then maximal.

Economical & Legal Freedom

SOFTREIGN provides the entire intellectual property of the delivered solution, an essential asset for State, Governmental or Strategic enterprises IT projects that avoids licensing problems and dependency.

Our advantage

A unique automated software generator

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with FAVEOD, who provides a unique innovative software designer, SOFTREIGN supports you from the definition of your functional specifications, until the integration into your technical environment.

SOFTREIGN thus fully guarantees the functional result of the software it produces with 100% customer business rules requirement coverage, with real time to market delivery, with no hidden-costs.

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